Hodson Solar is committed to providing solar electricity to millions of people across Africa. Our Off-Grid and C&I Solutions reach out to households, small businesses and Industries. We replace polluting and expensive diesel gensets, with clean, renewable power. This allows individuals to fulfill their dreams and Industries to realize significant cost savings. Our products and financing plans are developed keeping in mind the specific requirements and challenges faced by the local communities across the nations where we invest and partner. Our initial core focus is the:

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East African Region + Gold Coast

In the C&I segment, we provide complete development solutions, from Fully Financed (OPEX) to CAPEX models, with plants built and serviced to the highest international standards. Hodson has an installed base of 10 MW+ spanning the entire spectrum of C&I projects (Mega Corporates, SMEs, Schools, Trusts, RWAs etc) and prides itself on its timely execution and service.

Hodson’s Offgrid and Solar Home Systems are built to the same high quality standards and have the following distinguishing features:

▪ Based on Modular & Expandable Kits ▪ Non-Cash Mobile Payment System ▪ Remote Monitoring & Control ▪ Premium quality products and well-established relationships with vendors ▪

With the rapid pace of development across the African continent and a constant growing need for energy, solar power is being embraced as a preferred and viable alternative. Diesel gensets and other forms of inefficient self-generation consume $Billions annually. Hodson Solar aims to reduce this dependence on polluting forms of energy by providing Industries and Communities with high quality solar electricity.